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On this website, Out of State customers do not pay Sales Tax (does not apply to North Carolina). 

You get the same warranty and same customer service. We are a small online seller and we come under the minimum threshold that States require from online sellers to register for Sales Tax collection. However, when you buy from us on Ebay or Reverb, both companies will charge you Sales Tax. 
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These wiring diagrams are in a PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (free version) installed on your computer.

  • Telecaster 3-way Diagram --------------------------------------------------- CLICK HERE
  • Telecaster 3-way Reverse Diagram --------------------------------------- CLICK HERE
  • Telecaster 4-way Diagram --------------------------------------------------- CLICK HERE
  • Telecaster 4-way Reverse Diagram --------------------------------------- CLICK HERE
  • Telecaster 5-Way Bill Lawrence Wiring Diagram --------------------- CLICK HERE
  • Telecaster 5-Way (7 Sound) with Push-Pull ---------------------------- CLICK HERE
  • Stratocaster 5-Way Wiring Diagram -------------------------------------- CLICK HERE
  • Les Paul Wiring Diagram ----------------------------------------------------- CLICK HERE
  • Les Paul Old Black Wiring Diagram --------------------------------------- CLICK HERE
  • ES-335 Wiring Diagram -------------------------------------------------------- CLICK HERE
  • Switchcraft 3-way Pre-wired Switch -------------------------------------- CLICK HERE

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These sale prices are only here on my website. They are not available on my Ebay or Reverb Stores.