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Kluson Revolution 3+3 Locking Tuners - Nickel
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Gotoh SD91 Locking Height Adjustable Post Tuners - Gold
SKU: TK-7669-002
Price: $89.95
Shipping: $4.99
Gotoh vintage style Height Adjustable Locking Tuners 6 In Line GOLD
These Gotoh® Vintage Style locking tuners are a drop in replacement for vintage-sized pegholes. No drilling or modification to your headstock while giving you the added stability of a modern locking tuning machine.

These tuners feature Height Adjustable Posts (H.A.P.) and are a direct retrofit to a vintage sized peg hole that use press-in bushings. Height adjustable posts let you dial in just the right amount of pressure to optimize the string angle over the nut. These are superb tuners, Gotoh out did themselves when they designed these. They are very unique in the way you set the exact height. (I will send you a video on how to adjust the heights) The Magnum locking mechanism is built into the shaft itself. The string locks on the post by simply tuning.

Rear housing engraving reads "Gotoh" "H.A.P" and (in very small letters) "W. Pat. P.". You will notice on the inside of the housing 3 of the tuners are marked with green dots which denotes that they are to be placed in the treble 1,2 and 3 string positions. Locking stability has also been improved with the introduction of new smaller string holes on 1st, 2nd and 3rd string posts.

Complete set of 6 tuners (6-in-line)
Height-adjustable posts (H.A.P.)
Locking tuners
Gold finish
Gear ratio 15:1
11/32" (8.8mm) Vintage size mounting holes required
Direct fit on American and Import Fender Guitars that
use 11/32” (8.8mm) vintage holes
These tuners feature Gotoh’s Magnum Lock System
Fit Fender Telecaster and Stratocaster Guitars
Includes all screws and bushings
They DO NOT fit Fenders with the modern 10mm (25/64") Tuner holes which use the hexagonal threaded bushing.

Distributed by Allparts, the world's largest distributor for Gotoh parts