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Price: $47.95
Shipping $4.49
Telecaster 4 Way REVERSE Wiring Harness CTS Pots, Oak Grigaby Switch, Mallory .047uf Capacitor
This is a pre-wired upgraded 4 way switch harness for Fender Telecasters

1 Oak Grigsby 4 way Switch
2 CTS solid Brass bushings and shafts 250k pots
1 Mallory 150 Mustard Tone .047uf cap
1 Switchcraft input Jack
Premium push back wiring

This is a new range of CTS 250K pots that we are using. We measure all our pots before building your harness and guarantee that the pots are either 250k or higher (Once the harness is built, the Pots do drop a couple of K-Ohms) that's normal. If we find a pot under 250k, we discard it. Regular CTS Pots have a +/- 20% which means you could have a pot as low as 200k and anything below 250k starts to sound thin. The lower it is, the thinner it is.

In my Tele's, I use Mallory Caps, I prefer them to Orange Drops. The Mallorys are smoother and cleaner sounding than the Orange Drop.

This harness does NOT include the control plate. It is for display purposes only.
Position 1 - Bridge
Position 2 - Bridge & Neck
Position 3 - Neck
Position 4 - Bridge & Neck in Series

Bench tested and guaranteed 100% working

This harness does not come with knobs or control plate. If you need them, please contact me, I do have them in stock.

Please Note: If you are putting this harness in an imported Tele, you will probably need a USA spec Control Plate and USA spec Knobs. USA Control Plates have a 3/8” hole for the pots whilst Metric Control Plates use 8mm (approx. 5/16”) holes. Also, the slot for the switch lever on a metric control plate is not long enough to accommodate a USA CRL or Oak Grigsby switch.

USA (CTS) pots have a 1/4” (6.3mm) solid shaft post whilst metric pots use 6mm post, so metric knobs won’t fit on CTS pots.

This kit is the best bang for your Buck and the number one mod when upgrading your Telecaster