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Tele 4 Way Wiring Harness with Custom Premium CTS Solid Shaft 275K Pots, Mallory Mustard Tone .033 Cap
This is the ultimate pre-wired premium 4 way switch harness for Telecasters.

1 Oak Grigsby 4 way Switch
2 CTS Custom Audio Taper 275k pots.
1 Mallory Mustard Tone capacitor .033uf
1 Treble Bleed Circuit
1 Switchcraft input Jack
Premium Gavitt push back wiring
11 inch length of Gavitt yellow cloth backed push-back wire for the new ground wire.

Please note this harness DOES NOT include the Telecaster Control Plate

A link to my on-line wiring diagrams which includes:-
Two easy to read wiring diagrams
One enlarged blow-up image on where to add the new ground wire
2 YouTube videos on how to hook up your 4-way Harness.

Position 1 - Bridge
Position 2 - Bridge & Neck
Position 3 - Neck
Position 4 - Bridge and neck in series (large fat tone)

Bench tested and guaranteed 100% working
These are the highest quality Pots that the CTS corporation manufacture.
WD Music developed these high quality solid shaft Pots with CTS, to offer you exceptional performance in electronics for your guitar. These are not the same CTS Pots that other companies stock and sell. These are developed using 9% +/- tolerances and value at 10% over the standard 250k rating (275K). This ensures you, not only optimum performance but guarantees your potentiometers will always be the value stated unlike many others using 20% tolerances where you can be over spec, but in most cases way under the specifications you need to ensure good tone from your pickups. They added high quality Brass components and a high quality wiper versus what comes standard with most run of the mill pots to ensure long life, quality and consistent performance.

With this harness, I have used the famous Mallory® Mustard Cap used on just so many high end guitars but with an in-between value. Why use a .033 tone cap? The .047 gets things pretty dark, maybe too muddy. The .022 would be a bit too bright. The .033 would get you in the middle naturally and strikes a good compromise between both worlds. The .033uf is my 1st choice for a Tele harness (not just with Mallory, but with all tone cap manufacturers I prefer a .033) The .033 tone control is far more useable than a .047.
I have only recently started using the Mallory cap and it has quickly become my favorite. The clean bell tones that come out of them, no matter what position the tone control knob is in. Compared to Orange Drops, the Mallory Mustard Caps are smoother, cleaner with a bell like tone. Orange Drops tend to be too trebley and brittle.

This kit is the best bang for your Buck and if you are upgrading your telecaster this is the number one mod.
PREMIUM TELE 4-WAY HARNESS with Mallory Mustard Cap
Price: $53.95
Sale Price: $49.95
Shipping $4.49