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Kluson Revolution 3+3 Locking Tuners - Nickel
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Premium Harness for Gibson Les Pauls. With this harness, we have built it using the highest quality potentiometers that the CTS Corporation manufacture.
WD® Music Products developed these high-quality potentiometers with CTS® to offer you exceptional performance in electronics for your Les Paul and other carved-top instrument requiring the longer 3/4" bushing/shaft length. These are NOT the same CTS pots that other companies stock and sell. These are developed using 5% +/- tolerances and a value at 5% over the standard 500K rating (525K). This ensures you not only optimum performance but guarantees your potentiometers will always be at least the value stated unlike many others using 20% tolerances where you can be over spec but in most cases way under the specifications you need to ensure good tone from your pickups. They added brass components and a high-quality long-life wiper versus what comes standard on most run of the mill pots to ensure long life, quality and consistent performance. WD spared no expense and thought of everything whilst working with CTS, right down to chamfering the tops of brass shafts, making it easier to install your guitar knobs.
We measure and match the pots before building the harness.
Set of 4 CTS 500XL Pots
Value = 525k Ohms
Tolerance = +/- 5%
Can Size = 15/16 in. radius X 3/8 in. height
Bushing Threads = 3/8-32
Bushing Height = 3/4 in.
Shaft Type - split
Shaft Diameter = .238 in (6mm)
Spline Count = 24 (NOT metric)
Hole size requirement = 3/8 in.
2 nuts and 2 washers per pot

2 x Orange Drop 200v .022uf Capacitors
Gavitt 22 Gauge Vintage Style Push Back Cloth Covered Wire.

This harness will also work with Epiphones or Import Les Paul's.
Price: $59.95
SALE $54.95
Shipping $4.99