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Kluson Revolution 3+3 Locking Tuners - Nickel
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Atlantic Custom Guitars, LLC, Music Instrument Store, Raleigh, NC
My passion is guitar building with a specialty in finishing, but age is catching up with me, so I now concentrate on selling guitar parts and accessories.

My philosophy is simple. I don't carry a huge inventory, because, what I do sell, I want to control the quality and the service (good parts at a competitive price and shipped quickly).

I have been very careful not to outgrow my capabilities so that I can offer more personalized service and faster turnaround times on orders.

I am no longer building and finishing custom guitars but I am still building quality wiring harnesses and when I have time, I am still finishing guitar necks, but otherwise, that's it. I may build a few things for myself for fun which might be later sold off on Ebay, Reverb or my website. So, thanks to all the buyers who have supported me over the years, and my regular clients whose guitars I have tweaked and/or repaired, it was a blast serving you!

Atlantic Custom Guitars
I have 3 different online stores where you can purchase from:

Ebay Store -
(Check my feedback - Over 9,000 Positive ratings and I am a TOP RATED SELLER with a 5 star highest buyer rating)

Reverb Store -
(Check my feedback score - Over 4,500 ratings with a 5 Star rating)

Atlantic Custom Guitars website

Each store has promotions at different times, but I would prefer you to buy from this store because I don't have to pay selling fees to Ebay or Reverb. If you find the same item cheaper in one of my other stores, please contact me and I will instantly match it and possibly undercut my other store prices.

Based in Raleigh, North Carolina. USA
Check out some of the guitars I have built for customers