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Kluson Revolution 3+3 Locking Tuners - Nickel
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Set of 2 Centralab Oil Filled Tone Capacitors .022uf

Non-inductive mylar and oil caps, these Centralab tone caps use oil soaked mylar as di-electric material and are very smooth and natural in sound.

Made in Korea, 300 volts and available in 0.022uF, 0.033uF and 0.047uF values.

Capacitor body: 26mm length x 10.2mm diameter (1" x 3/8")

These .022uF caps are generally used in humbucker guitars but can be used in single coil guitars if you are looking for a brighter sound.
Set of 2 Oil Filled Tone Caps 300V .022uf
SKU: 2-022-CLTC
Price: $19.95
Shipping $3.99