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Kluson Revolution 3+3 Locking Tuners - Nickel
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Set of 2 Mallory® Mustard Tone Capacitors .047uF

These are the famous Mallory® 150 Mustard Caps used on just so many high end guitars. The .047uf value is used on Telecasters with single coils and on other single coil guitars where you want to lose some of the brightness. They are the 250VDC, and have a small footprint. They are smaller than the 400VDC that other sellers offer, which allows you to install them in smaller cavities like on Teles.

I have only recently started using the Mallory cap and it has quickly become my favorite. The clean bell tones that come out of them, no matter what position the tone control knob is in. Compared to Orange Drops, the Mallory Mustard Caps are smoother, cleaner with a bell like tone. Orange Drops tend to be too trebley and brittle.
Mallory 150 Mustard Tone Cap
250V .047uf

Price: $8.95
Shipping $3.99